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  • Rick Heinz

    Chris provides what is missing from coaching programs and this is why this book is so important. Much of the information that is out there is too technical and unless you play the position it’s difficult to understand, so misinformation is given to the kids by minor hockey coaches who try to tell the goalies how they think the position should be played.
  • Don Straus

    Finally! Chris Dyson answered the questions no-one knew how to ask. After 25+ years involved in the industry, It’s great to see this grass roots level support and guidance for the most highly criticized, under- developed position in the game.
  • Colin Hopper

    I have never before seen information for coaches that is so useful, easily digestible, quick to read and easy to implement. Hockey coaches and parents everywhere will be thrilled with the content of this book.
  • Larry Feist

    Providing coaches with the skills to properly work with their goaltenders is awesome and perfect. I cannot imagine a single coach not jumping at the chance to take advantage of such an opportunity, especially at the grass roots level.
  • Jim Ralph

    The game has dramatically changed, but one thing that hasn’t is the core fundamentals of goaltending. Coaches at every level must be able to understand and teach these.
  • Mike Stubbs

    Getting the essential core goaltending skills into the hands of grass roots coaches is perfect, it needs to happen. It is a discipline unlike any other.

  • Joni Hallikainen,

    If the advice contained in Chris‘ book is made mandatory learning for minor hockey coaches, it will positively change the face of goaltending in North America.
  • Jody Kettyle

    My husband coached from Initiation to second year atom and then we moved associations. I love this book and the info in it. I wish we would have had it sooner in our journey but I am so happy we still have lots of time to share it with our goalie and others. I would be very happy if this was required reading for every coach in every association . Thank you for taking the time to write this book and reach out to goalie parents and coached every where Two thumbs up !!

  • Cavy61

    Just read Target Practice and very much enjoyed reading this book. Not only did it have great information for hockey parents but gave the reader a real sense of minor hockey in today's society. Chris really demonstrated some great research and knowledge that he put into this book. I recommend even if your not a goalie parent that you read this book. Has a little something for everyone in it. Well Done Chris!

  • Christy Abel

    Chris Dyson's attitude and enthusiasm is infectious. He is able to look at the big picture and coach the child as a whole, not just as the goaltender. This in turn makes for a better player.
  • Cheryl L.

    Absolutely the best material I have ever read for coaches to better understand what these kids go through. Your writing style is simple to follow and to the point. Most of what I have found is geared for the goalie themselves and far to technical for the average coach or parent to understand. This book needs to become mandatory reading for every coach in minor hockey. Thank you so much!!!
  • Michael A. Charbon

    Target Practice is an important and valuable tool for coaches, goalies and particularly goalie parents. Target Practice drills down on techniques, tactics and the mind-set of a developing net minder. I look forward to the great potential of positive net minding results from young goalies who read and implement these valuable techniques guided by a passionate informed coaching staff and supportive parents. This publication is more than a "must read", it should be considered mandatory reading as it is a unique and revealing publication on the many aspects of goal tending. Congratulations to Chris Dyson in accomplishing this wonderful resource.
    Michael A. Charbon
  • SarahP

    My husband, goalie, and I agree that this book is essential for all youth hockey coaches. Our son has had both types of coaches described in this book, and he nearly quit the game a few years ago due to one of the negative coaches. Additionally, we had some issues with receiving our copy of the book. Although the US post office said it was delivered, we did not receive it. Chris Dyson sent us a new copy to replace the lost in transit copy, which we appreciated. Thank you for writing this book, and thank you for resending it to us!

  • Andrea Jolley

    When I first read about the upcoming release of Chris' Dyson's book Target Practice, on Facebook, I immediately messaged him to see how I could get a copy (signed would be great too)! Being a fairly new Goalie Mom and having read a plethora of books available to me about the heart and mind of a goaltender, I just knew that this one was going to be different! You see, my son was struggling on his team and I was desperate to find something, ANYTHING that could offer us guidance and solutions. Not only did I buy a copy for myself, I bought one for my organization because I believed that it would help change their mode of thinking. After receiving my copy, I sat down with my son and we read each chapter together. Often, he would make a comment about "how true that was" or "how he wished his coach would memorize that chapter". As he gave me feedback, I highlighted the concepts that he felt the need to re-visit with the coach, given the chance. According to my son, who has suffered under the exact coaching mistakes indicated in this book, each and every coach and goalie parent should be required to read this book. We both believe that if the techniques being taught in this easy-to-read, well-written book were applied toward young goaltenders, they would NEVER outgrow their LOVE for the game. Chris Dyson has managed to create an amazing tool for future generations of goaltenders. Your job, now, is to put that tool to good use. Buy the, buy several books and place them in the hands of those in charge of impacting the hearts and minds of goaltenders around the world. Thank you.

  • GoalieMOM50

    I am a Goalie mom and there are many frustrating and stressful moments that comes with that! This book really helps understand better how you can influence your goalie in both a negative (there are a lot of things we do that we do not realise) and positive way. This book I think should be read by every coach, parent and goalie out there!! It taught me a lot about the position and what really goes on to be good at it. (More then I ever imagined!) It taught me how to deal with my little goalie to help him through the tough times. I am very greatful that I was able to read this book and learn from it. If you have not read it I really strongly suggest you do! It has a lot of powerful messages in there. Chris has also been coaching my little guy for a few months and it has been an awesome experience for myself and my son! I am so glad that we connected with Chris! Thanks again for helping kids everywhere!

  • Dadofgoalie

    Freakin perfect! This book must be made mandatory for at least one coach on every minor hockey team. I have see very situation described in the book and in about 90% of the situation the league didn't provide the training or even take the time to address the issue. Kids are being screwed over because most coaches don't know what to do and most organizations won't address this problem which, in my own experience is a load of BS. My son has a right to good coaching and I have an expectation of getting the same training the other parents are paying for. I am thrilled to hear that there is an online certification program coming from Target Practice and this is something I hope every minor hockey league take the time to put their coaches through. It is ridiculiously overdue and so very needed. Love the book, love the mission, love the direction!!! GREAT STUFF, just hope coaches take the time to read it.

  • Don Cherry (Authenticated)

    "Just What The Doctor Ordered"

  • Kimmy

    Incredible experience and information. Mr. Dyson has nailed the situation down perfectly and provided simple easy to understand material to help coaches and parents. So refreshing!! His backstory is amazing and I hope to connect in person someday to personally thank him for his dedication to the sport.
  • JB

    RIGHT ON, fantastic info for any coach or parent. Love the Certification course as well. We are looking to get all the coaches in our association signed up for the course this summer and the league is happy to pay for it. The goalies will be thrilled!!!